Welcome to Sales Command Central

eCat Admin Console (AC) puts you in securely in control of your entire sales operation, all while ensuring that your data is validated and seen by the right people.


Visibility With Control

Gain complete control of your data and who has access to it, while ensuring your management and sales teams are always equipped with the most up-to-the-minute customer, product, pricing, inventory, sales collateral, and sales history information.

  • Have it your way - choose what to publish, where to display it, and to whom.
  • Use the provided FTP site to fully automate updates or upload interactively.
  • Upload stress free with error checking and feedback for easy troubleshooting.
  • Create user groups to tailor what users see and can do - down to the field level.
  • Use admin reports to monitor app usage for user training and security control.
  • Use IM's order page to view, print, report, and export incoming orders.
  • Use product and customer pages for inquiry, and troubleshooting.
  • Maintain data integrity with admin reports for missing or unused photos.

Upload It All, Publish Selectively

Upload unlimited custom product and customer fields, product lists, pricing, inventory information, and sales collateral. Then use AC tools to curate who sees what.

  • Define as many price tiers as needed in any currency, including calculated and imported prices, customer contract pricing, quantity price break pricing, and promotion pricing. Associate price levels with customers for default pricing.
  • Fully publish product specs by mapping as many product file custom fields as desired to fully describe products, create custom catalog filters, link to web-hosted content like installation instructions, and more. Use IM to choose where to display each field and to whom.
  • Map as many custom fields in your customer file as desired for publishing the contact info, A/R and credit info, sales quotas, last order date and other information your team and customers need to work effectively. Use AC to choose where to display each field and to whom.
  • Create as many special product lists as needed for special promotions, showroom walk-throughs, and other purposes - including self-maintaining lists defined with SQL logic statements.
  • Use IM tools to configure a Resource Library for your customers and team, then upload documents and links for price lists, sales brochures, videos, catalogs and other collateral. Waaay easier than Dropbox!
  • Combine product field selections with photo layouts to configure as many report formats as your teams need to share product information, quotes, etc. in PDF presentations