Access Everything Anywhere

Products - Pricing - Availability - Customer Info - Sales History - Collateral

Turbo-boost your sales team by organizing everything they need in one place, all while eliminating the cost, inflexibility, and environmental impact of producing, distributing, and updating bulky paper materials.


Sell More. Turn Inventory Faster.

Use eCat to serve customers and write orders anywhere - on the road, at trade shows, in the office, and at retail. Whether online or offline, your team can instantly tailor their sales approach per customer by accessing the most up-to-date information on product availability, best sellers, and customer order history.

  • Publish unlimited product and customer information, and sales collateral for fast offline reference and sharing.
  • Rapidly configure, accurately price, and write orders for 'make-to-order' items like framed art and custom furniture.
  • Scan orders in showrooms, or present product and write orders with customers in person and in online meetings.
  • Quickly share product information in person or via email, through custom PDF presentations, Excel sheets and more.
  • Automatically select customer's price level or contract pricing, apply discounts, easily handle special promotions.
  • View order sub-totals for custom product groupings to comply with discount programs.
  • Quickly & easily adjust orders to efficiently fill trucks or ocean containers and comply with weight requirements.

Stay Organized. Find Stuff Quickly.

Give your whole team instant access to the same complete, accurate, up-to-date product, pricing, and inventory information - curated and organized your way.

No more lost, inaccurate, or outdated sales materials!

  • View trade names and collections for quick access by brand and style.
  • Classify products by functional group and category to simplify search.
  • Define custom product filters to rapidly drill-down to product selections.
  • Create unique sort criteria to meet user & customer needs.
  • Users can save named product lists for general purposes and for customers.
  • Your company can publish unlimited special purpose product lists to user iPads.

All Your Files, Just a Tap Away

Put your company's sales collateral, reference documents, and training materials at your team's fingertips in eCat's Library. Organize literature, newsletters, forms, price lists, videos, and other materials your way for easy sharing, printing, or integration with other apps. A powerful document viewer makes navigating and searching for information in large documents fast and easy. And it all works offline for fast access any time, anywhere!

  • View documents full screen or in preview mode with Library index.
  • Rapidly navigate PDF documents with page thumbnails and speedbar.
  • Quickly find info in price lists and other large PDF documents.
  • Easily email links to multiple documents at one time with a few taps.
  • Print Library entries with AirPrint or save them on your iPad.
  • Open and work with Library entries in other iPad apps like Excel and Dropbox.
  • Publish Library entries selectively based on user type/group.
  • Restrict emailing selected entries for security and to control distribution.

Create Presentations. Fast.

Keep the focus on your brand and products by creating beautiful PDF catalog presentations with eCat's Catalog Creator. Use simple design tools to create all the customized presentation formats your teams need, including general product presentations, quotes and Excel sheets - all with product photos.

  • Select a format, select products, then personalize presentations for customers.
  • Drag and drop products into the desired sequence. Add page breaks as needed.
  • Select specific pricing for the PDF presentation, or hide pricing altogether.
  • Export data in CSV format or as Excel sheet with product thumbnail photos.
  • Email, print, save, and share presentations, or open in other apps on your iPad.