eCat is a fast & easy to use interactive product catalog. From vividly displaying product photos with unlimited product specifications, to taking and submitting orders in record time, eCat is the best way to manage and sell your products, whether online or offline, at home or on the road.
Presentation View

Showcase Your Line

Present products beautifully with eCat. Email product details, spec sheets, and literature with a few taps. Create PDF catalogs in multiple formats.  Tailor product views to your company's needs.

eCat keeps the focus the focus on your products.  App controls remain in the background.

The new Pennsylvania rep needed sales kits for both our lines. She downloaded eCat from the app store, synced, and in minutes had a complete sales kit in her hand, up-to-date, accurate, and ready to go. Easy! Larry Sandwick, IT manager, Sarreid Ltd.

Close Sales Anywhere

Whether online or disconnected, quickly match products to customer needs. Configure and price items with a few taps. Send orders directly to your company's server with an email copy to your client.

With multiple ways to present and order products, and powerful product option and kitting features, eCat makes it easy to find the right products, then quickly write orders on the road, at a show, or in your office.  And the online version gives your customer self-service access to the catalog, a B2B shopping cart, and detailed order/invoice status and tracking.

Get the Details

Get the Details

Find products with search, filters, collections, and categories.  Check product details and availability. Customize and price products with options. Add notes, then add to orders.

Build Your Order Fast

Build Your Order Fast

Check dimensions and availability right from the catalog screen.  Then tap and swipe to quickly order products using eCat's 'quick order' feature.

Scan Orders

Scan Orders

Scan bar codes to rapidly order products at trade shows. Submit orders directly to your back office system with an email copy to the customer.

eCat is terrific. Our sales reps and office staff have embraced it enthusiastically. It's intuitive and makes everything a breeze, from making presentations and submitting orders, to training sales staff. Philip Holman, Marketing Director, Charleston Forge

Have It Your Way

Use powerful admin tools to securely give sales people, management, vendors, and customers the specific information and functionality they need - right at their fingertips!  Selectively publish as many products, customers, price levels, and product lists as desired. Maintain your sales collateral, videos, and business forms on your eCat server, then publish selectively to your teams.  Easily create custom product and customer fields as needed.  Update inventory balances for as many locations as needed as often as needed.  Tailor eCat to work your way!

eCat flexibly configures to the way we do business. We are very pleased with what it enables us to do. Monty Sihweil, President, Butler Specialty Furniture

Stay In Sync

eCat integrates with all back office ERP systems to send product, pricing, inventory balances, customer, and sales information directly from your company's server to eCat's data management system. Or use your eCat portal to interactively upload data files. All files are thoroughly checked during import with detailed error reporting.  Use API's to transfer orders directly from eCat to your back office system.  Automatic updates keep your team completely up-to-date!  

eCat's data import error reporting is great. Our product people frequently make changes like adding new brands, categories, and product options. The automatic email notifications I receive when they change product data affecting eCat are very helpful. They make my work a lot easier. Joe Kelly, IT Manager, Century Furniture
Over the past 25 years, eCat is the best thing that has ever happened to this company. The reps are now mobile. They are in love. And they certainly don't miss all the paper! Joel, VP of Information Technology, Godinger Silver Art
eCat has lived up to my expectations in every way. When I look at what it offers my company - what it brings as far as the ability to sell product - eCat has been a great investment for us. Michael Beaver, President, Somerset Bay and Modern History