See how eCat can help you:

Build Sales

Efficiently match your products to customer needs, making the best use of your buyers’ time. Focus on your product and the sales presentation, not on managing paper sales materials. Present products one-at-a-time, multi-select products to order as a group, or scan barcodes in a showroom. eCat has an order entry method for every situation. When the order is complete, transmit it to the home office at lightning speed.

Reduce selling costs

Replace expensive, hard to maintain printed sales materials with eCat. The app syncs with its cloud server to keep pricing, product availability, photography, and product information up-to-date at all times. Quickly and easily publish new introductions, product changes, price changes, and promotions to all sales people. And do it all without costly and time-consuming pre-press work, printing, binding, and mailing.

Increase inventory turns

Customers need quick delivery. You want to sell what is already in your warehouses. And sales reps need orders to invoice quickly so they can receive their commissions. Easily meet all of these needs using eCat’s ability to show quick ship items throughout the app. Display future availability numbers and as many incoming shipment arrival dates and quantities as needed. Empower your reps to sell the inventory you’ve already purchased from your vendors. Stop tying up customer “open to buys” by taking orders for items that cannot be shipped quickly.

Manage sales territories

Use eCat’s web tools to publish product information in ways that support your company’s marketing plan. Choose the products, customers and pricing levels you want to publish to each user’s iPad. Using eCat on their iPads, your sales reps can set filters to choose which brands they present to a given customer – and completely hide the rest. eCat provides total flexibility for controlling your distribution and marketing within sales territories.

Publish complete product data

Use eCat’s web app to import and label brands, collections, product groups and product types the way you need them. Publish long paragraphs of product story text and an unlimited number of custom information fields quickly, easily, and in the sequence you prefer. Link information to specific product types so it displays only when relevant. Make changes whenever needed to keep your sales materials completely up-to-date. eCat even supports multiple corporate divisions either inside the app or with single-sign-on to separate eCat accounts for each company. You’re in control of how eCat works for your company.

Increase efficiency

Receive orders quickly. Eliminate errors and wasted time due to illegible hand writing. Empower reps to answer customer questions, create quotes, and quickly send product photos and proposals to customers - reducing calls to your customer service department and increasing rep/customer interaction. Enable customers to view and print product photos with relevant details. Greatly reduce the time required for maintaining sales materials and simultaneously improve your customer service. eCat promotes and enables efficiency in your customer service department.